G&G Advisory

Strategic solutions for your business and your investments.

We are a Tax, Corporate and Legal Consultancy firm specialized in supporting corporate Internationalization processes with offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and London. We provide a complete service, with the aim of guaranteeing each of our clients a competitive advantage on their desired market.

Our mission

What we do

We take pride in our multidisciplinary, organizing and functional skills, to accompany companies like yours in the correct planning of internationalization and expansion. We define and plan the best options available, helping you choose between the legal, tax and administrative instruments offered by the legislation of the UAE, the GCC and other countries. With an integrated system of professionalism and skills, we  guarantee continuous support to the solution adopted, for a coherent business development plan at international level.

How we do it

We plan and manage the legal and fiscal asymmetries of the regulations of markets involved, protecting you and your company from any critical issues, in the short term and long term.
We assist you in the tax compliance of the target Country and in the interactions with the Country of residence. We also provide you with legal assistance to mitigate commercial risks, understand local legislation and how to apply it properly.

Professional partnerships - working closely with clients since 2013

We help companies and investors in their growth and expansion abroad, offering step-by-step guidance from the start-up phase, to integration and the full-operation of their businesses in the territory. We implement an integrated multidisciplinary consultancy approach that takes into account the necessary prerequisites concerning the three major areas of intervention:

Tax Consultancy

Corporate Consultancy

Legal Advisory

The founder

Carlo Stefano Rota

Chartered Public Accountant and Accounting Expert

Carlo Stefano Rota is the founder of G&G ADVISORY, with an accomplished background as a Chartered Accountant and Accounting Expert, Statutory and Financial Auditor, registered with the “Ordine dei Dottori Commercialisti ed Esperti Contabili” (ODCEC) of Milan (Italy) as well as a member of “The Association of International Accountants – AIA” (United Kingdom) and Tax Advisor in the United Arab Emirates. After a long experience with professional firms in Milan and Varese, he started his own professional firm in Italy in 2008. Through a successful  internationalization process, the London office was founded in November 2011, under the name of CA-International Advisors LLP (currently in partnership with a UK Chartered Accountant partner), and in October 2013, the Tax and Corporate Consultancy Firm G&G ADVISORY was set up in Dubai, extended in 2021, to include legal consulting with G&G Legal Advisory. Other achievements have seen him as Statutory Auditor, Financial Auditor, Bankruptcy Trustee, and Court Expert, still holding the position of Independent Director of major national, international companies and listed groups.

International presence in Dubai, London and Italy. The offices in London, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are integrated in terms of personnel, skills and procedures and constitute the operational headquarters where Carlo Stefano Rota exercises the profession of international tax advisor and consultant with particular regard to the legal, tax and administrative system of Italy, UK, United Arab Emirates and GCC Countries.  In his professional experience he has gained skills in the following areas of expertise: extraordinary national and international corporate transactions, M&A, restructuring of company groups, international tax consultancy, tax planning, internal and transnational taxation of Italian and foreign multinational groups, restructuring and management of family assets, trusts and inheritance.